HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working? Fix it now!

Game sound is one of the most important parts of gaming, and to provide you with the best gaming sound experience, we have the HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset for you. It is an absolute beast in terms of its quality and performance. This brand attains a big fan following worldwide.

Despite this, we often see some users complaining that my HyperX cloud stinger mic is not working or how to fix the mic issue in the Hyperx cloud stinger?

If you are one of those who invested their money in buying the HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset for having an optimal gaming experience, but you suddenly found that its microphone is not working, then it’s not a big deal.

Yes, you heard it right!

If your HyperX cloud stinger mic is not working anymore, then stay calm as we are about to guide you through a series of steps that you need to follow to fix your microphone without damaging it.

Is HyperX a Good Brand?

The short answer to this question is YES!

HyperX is the brand name that is used by a well-known company Kingston. HyperX is well known for its affordable pricing and high audio quality. It mostly makes wired gaming headsets.

You’ll get the best overall performance out of any HyperX gadget with a low-latency gaming experience.

How to fix hyperX Cloud Stinger Mic?

Although, there is no such tool that you can use to check whether your mic needs to get fixed. However, if you notice the following happenings while in the middle of your gameplay with your friends, then you can consider these as an alarm that you need to fix your HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic:

  • Your teammates don’t understand what you are speaking.
  • You used to shout for delivering your pieces of commands.
  • Your teammates complain of noise coming from your microphone.
  • Your teammates ask you to speak louder, etc.

These are some basic signs which alarm you that your microphone is out of order. If you find any of these issues while playing the game, you need to immediately fix your headset. Otherwise, it will ruin your whole gameplay.

For fixing the mic of the HyperX Cloud Stinger gadget, perform the following steps to get it fixed quickly and make it work properly:

Step No1 “Check Your Connections”:

It is the easiest solution to your problem. Checking your connections is easy and will hopefully make your mic work again. It is quite often that you quickly plug-in the microphone and quickly start your game without noticing if it is plugged in properly or not.

Look for the loose or hanging microphone attached to your device and plug it in properly to have your microphone get fixed within a matter of seconds.

Step 2 “Enable Audio Devices”:

If you have made sure that there is no issue in the connection of the microphone to your device and still it is not working, then enabling audio devices is the next step you should be going.

If your device’s audio devices are disabled, then your HyperX Cloud Stinger mic will not work at all.

You need to go to the audio settings and enable the mic and speaker option. Furthermore, check their volume and make sure that it is not too low or muted.

Step No 3 “Set As Default Device”:

HyperX Cloud Stinger can be set as the default audio device of your PC by:

2. Type “control” in the search area of the box and press the Enter key to proceed

3. Look for Hardware and Sound, and click on the “Sound” option from a big list of options in the Control Panel.

3. Click on “Sound” and then “Recording Tab.”

Then select the “Show Disabled Devices.” Right-click on Headset Microphone and Enable it if disabled. Finally, again right-click on it and click on the option “Set as Default Device.”

Don’t give up if you tried out all of these steps but still are facing microphone audio issues. There are a few more steps described below. We hope that the next step will fix your HyperX Cloud Stinger mic that is still not working.

Step No 4 “Up to Date Headset Drivers”:

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R keys.

2. Type “control” and press the Enter key.

3. Click on Hardware and Sound, then look for the “Sound” option from a list of options in the Control Panel.

4. Click on “Sound.”

5. From the Playback tab, right-click on the “Headphones” option and click on “Properties.”

6. Click on “Change Settings” and then click on “Diver Tab.”

7. Click on “Update Driver,” and the windows will start looking for available driver updates.

8. Click on “Update Now,” and your PC will update the drivers and will require you to restart it.

There you go. When your PC restarts, dive into your favorite game and check whether your HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic is not working solution is resolved, or it’s still the same.

Step No 5 “Windows Reinstallation”:

We hope that by this far, most of you might have fixed your microphones.

However, if a few of you are still facing the voice issue, and then everything is working fine except for a few files on your computer or laptop.

Here is a chance that your PC contains corrupted files that you can remove or repair by reinstalling windows. It is the last possible step that you can take against the mic issue. Windows installation is an easy process, and everyone can install or reinstall windows by using a bootable CD.

  • Caution: Make sure that you backup your data in another PC or Drive and stay focused while reinstalling the windows. It means that you should be aware of what you are doing.

These were the only possible steps for you that you can take to fix your microphone by yourself.

However, if you tried everything we told you, but you still are not getting the solution to your problem, then we are sorry to say that your HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic has an issue with its hardware.

In this case, you can contact a hardware expert to know that how your microphone could get fixed. We suggest that if you had been using this gadget over a long period, and then spend some money on buying a new one instead of going for the hardware repair option.

Does the HyperX Cloud Stinger have a good mic?

It is NOT true at all!

As discussed above that HyperX Headsets are decent for wired gaming. They are affordable and are unmatchable in their performance.

If you are using any mic of HyperX, then your teammates will not find any difficulty in hearing your commands even in louder environments. Although, we have a few other headsets in the market that promise to provide more quality, comfort, and a more solid sound performance as compared to the HyperX gadgets.

But, HyperX, we believe, is dominant over any other gaming headset available under this price tag.

That’s why, as a beginner, you should go for the headsets of the HyperX brand. It will save your time that might be getting wasted if you choose other options. Therefore from the below 5 options you can choose one for yourself!

Best HyperX Gaming Headsets in 2021

  1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset
  2. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core — Wireless
  3. HyperX Cloud ll Gaming Headset
  4. HyperX Cloud Alpha S
  5. HyperX Cloud Flight S — Wireless

These five gadgets from HyperX are by far the most dominant gaming headsets in the market and will still rule the market in the year 2021.

You can Click Here to get a brief overview of all of the above headsets. Read the specifications of every model, understand the differences among each of them, and then buy the one which you think can bring innovation to your gaming world!

Is HyperX Better than Razer?- A Quick Comparison!

Here, Razer came up with some strategies to compete against the gadgets manufactured by HyperX. They are trying their level best, but we think that HyperX is still the king in manufacturing wired gaming headsets.

We are not going for a detailed comparison of these two brands. It is the section for those people who are confused about buying either the HyperX headsets or the Razer headsets.

Following are some weak points of headsets that are manufactured by Razer:

  • Overpriced headsets
  • Bad customer support
  • Average microphone quality
  • Not much comfortable
  • Are not mostly preferred as compared to the HyperX headsets.

There is not quite a big difference in the specifications of the gadgets made by both of the companies. Therefore, this thing comes towards your preference. You are the one who can decide which one will be perfect for you!

Which HyperX Headset is the Best?

However, if you disagree with our personal preference, then you can check out all of the five best HyperX Headset and can choose a perfect one for yourself.

But, we bet that 99% of you will prefer the HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic. If you doubt this, then go ahead and scroll the specifications of each headset, and do let us know which headset impressed you the most.


These were the only steps that you can take if you are facing voice issues while playing games.

Follow each step one by one and let us know which instruction turned out to be the solution to your problem. If you are unable to sort out your issues even after performing all the steps carefully, then you can do nothing but buying a new headset.

If you are someone new, then upon reading the article till the end might have given you a lot of information about the best HyperX brands, HyperX mic not working fix issue, and the best headsets of HyperX in the market.

The best headset means the best gaming experience. So think twice before buying a gaming headset!

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